2405P St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1G 5B4
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2405P St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1G 5B4
Mon-Fri 07:00 AM - 04:30 PM
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    AM-TECH’s ability to exceed the client’s expectations for any project requirements on demand and on schedule is proven through our work at Confederation Heights where we successfully installed a complete fire alarm system on demand and in a timely fashion.

    In a high security and occupied building, AM-TECH installed a new fire alarm system and ensured that the courthouse was fully operational to continue its essential services to the city.

    AM-TECH coordinated work with numerous Prime Minister employees’ in a secure, high security, and occupied building to maintain essential government operations while upgrading the building's fire alarm system.

    See AM-TECH’s ability to adapt to a demanding schedule while producing work of exceptional quality at our complete supply and installation of energy efficient LED lighting for the HEXO Kanata Office Building.

    AM-TECH’s extensive experience in developing unique solutions to conform to tight schedules is highlighted in our complete fit-up of the Hudson’s Bay in Rideau Centre where we utilized efficient fabrication and installation techniques in outdated existing electrical conditions.

    See another example of AM-TECH’s exceptional ability to conform to a tight schedule and maintain high security levels for an efficient fire alarm and electrical upgrade of DRS Technologies’ head office using top grade electrical equipment for secure laboratories and manufacturing spaces.

    With the ever-growing technological advances in today’s society, AM-TECH ensured that the heritage building built at the Canadian Museum of Nature – formerly known as the Victoria Memorial Museum Building, retained its cultural ambiance while conforming to modern electrical and fire alarm codes.

    See AM-TECH’s complete renovation to the recently restored Lansdowne Park Horticulture heritage building where modern technology was utilized to meet electrical codes while preserving the cultural integrity of the interior’s aesthetics.

    AM-TECH’s work hours are flexible; we are willing to operate after-hours to allow daytime services to continue through construction. See how AM-TECH completed a relocation and fit-up of this iconic museum using modern fire alarm and electrical technology while retaining its cultural integrity.

    The historic Vanier and heritage designated Tabaret buildings are one of the many University of Ottawa projects awarded to AM-TECH over the past 5 years where AM-TECH retained the cultural atmosphere of both buildings while conforming to modern electrical codes across various projects.

    AM-TECH’s complete design build and fit up for the Algonquin College Student Commons Building attained LEED Gold Certification for a 127,000 square foot building, providing students with a state-of-the-art learning centre through sustainable practices.

    AM-TECH utilized sustainable development to replace and restructure the layout of nearly 38,000 fluorescent fixtures with LED lamps while disposing of all replaced lamps and ballasts in an environmentally controlled area to reduce waste pollution and limit the university’s carbon emissions for a greener future.

    AM-TECH completed a fit up for a new secure research tower base at the Ottawa Hospital, tying extensive security into the hospital at many points and utilizing modern hospital-grade materials to provide a consistently reliable power supply to life-saving medical equipment.

    Safety is AM-TECH’s number one priority; see how AM-TECH conformed to Infection Control Protocols while being months ahead of schedule on this hospital’s modern, state-of-the-art fire alarm upgrade.

    See AM-TECH’s complete fit up of a new cancer centre utilizing hospital-grade electrical equipment and materials to ensure that fire alarm and power systems in secure spaces, labs, and offices at the Queensway Carleton Hospital were operating consistently at optimal levels.

    AM-TECH completed a standard fit-up for a RCMP campus LEED building while maintain top security clearance throughout the entire project.

    AM-TECH completed a demolition, disposal, and upgrade to all existing electrical equipment in a secure building after hours.

    See AM-TECH’s contributions to a secular facility that serves a representational role for the Imamat and its institutions, and its goal to build relationships, establish diplomacy, and disseminating knowledge.