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With over 33 years in business, AM-TECH has had the opportunity to build some of the most interesting projects within the region. Over those years we have developed long lasting relationships with the premier contractors, building owners, and property managers in the city. In many cases, AM-TECH has been invited back to complete multiple construction phases, stretching over 30 years, of large office towers, complexes and research facilities. We stand behind the quality of our work, and our clients know that AM-TECH will do a professionally job every time. AM-TECH has had the opportunity to work on leading edge environmentally sensitive new construction projects. This includes various LEEDS buildings throughout the city.

AM-TECH has recently completed the new Telus office tower in downtown Ottawa that not only is a LEEDS building, but also has all addressable lighting within the building. We are currently building the new Algonquin College Student Commons Building, another LEEDS building. AM-TECH has extensive experience in the construction of high security facilities, where rigorous security clearances and controls are required. This includes the expansion of the new Ottawa Airport, various Government secure facilities, and many international embassies within the city of Ottawa.

AM-TECH has the expertise to work on critical facilities. Recently AM-TECH successfully completed the largest renovation and expansion that The Ottawa Hospital has even undertaken at one time. AM-TECH has also recently completed the replacement of the drives running the pumps of the eastern half of the city's sewer system.

AM-TECH has the craftsmanship to work on electrical modernization of old heritage buildings. We are experts at integrating modern electrical systems and lighting, while preserving the look and feel of the old stone structures. An example is the recently completed renovation and expansion of the Victoria Memorial Museum, a very old stone castle style building in downtown Ottawa. As a full service ICI contractor, AM-TECH offers clients the smooth transition from new construction or renovation, to annual maintenance. This service allows clients to continue to work with the company that did the original installation, thereby saving the client time and money on annual maintenance items.



AM-TECH offers a 24/7 full service emergency service department. Our clients know that their needs will be met, no matter the time of day.

For emergency service please call our office, any time of day.

Tel: (613) 722-4218.